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Don't Damage Utility Lines During Excavation

Ask about our vacuum excavation services in Morrow, OH

Many excavation techniques are too rough to use around utility lines. That's why Frost Line Utility Services offers vacuum excavation, or air knifing, services in Morrow, OH.

This method uses a blast of air or water to loosen dirt and a vacuum hose to remove it from the site. The best part is that it removes dirt and mud directly into a holding tank, so no cleanup services are needed. Set up an appointment for our air knifing services today.

What else can we help with?

What else can we help with?

Vacuum excavation services have many uses. In addition to excavating a site, it can help with:

  • Measurements — Vacuum excavating exposes underground utilities, allowing you to get an exact measurement of their depth.
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal — Since all debris are vacuumed into a holding tank, you can help contractors transport and dispose of fluids to comply with environmental regulations.

Ready to safely and efficiently excavate your land? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our vacuum excavation services.

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